I am a computer science PhD student at MIT. I am advised by Saman Amarasinghe and Jonathan Ragan-Kelley. I am interested in designing extensible and productive languages (and tools!) for heterogeneous systems.

I was previously an undergraduate at Stanford Univeristy studying mathematics (BS'23). At Stanford, I was incredibly fortunate to work with Fredrik Kjolstad and Dawson Engler.

Email Me: manya227 WHERE csail DOT mit DOT edu

Personal Before discovering the joys of computer science research, I was interested in philosophy. I represented India at the International Philosophy Olympiad, winning the silver medal. While I read and discuss philosophy much less than I used to, I am more than happy to subject any unlucky ear to my rehearsed spiels.

I also struggle to spell all sorts of words, even ones I use every day, and I spend most of my waking hours listening to music.